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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

13,000 Calorie Chocolate Pasty!

Have you ever watched Epic Meal Time on youtube? If not I suggest you check these guys out as they make some of the most insane food ever!

Some of it looks disgusting, a lot of it looks delicious! And if nothing else it is inspiring, and that's what gave us (me, my husband, my brother and some friends) the idea to make the 13,000 Calorie Chocolate Pasty!

FYI, we didn't know it was going to be 13,000 calories until we had made it! That is the total sum of all the ingredients! And we called it a pasty as that's quite British! Rather than all the American things the Epic Meal Time guys make!

This is how we made it!

Step 1: We bought lots of chocolate, and cookie dough. (The butter in the picture was for making the cookie dough!)

Step 2: We made up the cookie dough and quickly realised there was not going to be enough. We still had white chocolate chips to add!! 

Step 3: We went to the local shop and bought 4 more packs! Finally we felt we had enough!

Step 4: So we added the white chocolate chips.

Step 5: We rolled out one ball of dough into a baking tray.

Step 6: And then added Morrison's own brand twix bars.

Step 7: Marshmallow

Step 8: Rice Krispie Squares (cut in half) and white chocolate buttons

Step 9: Mini Mars bars and M&S Vanilla Fudge bars (cut in half). More marshmallow.

Step 10: A layer of curly wurly's

Step 11: We then added the other cookie dough ball, which we rolled out and then added in quarters, as this seemed the easiest way to get it on!

Step 12: Look how high it is!

Step 13: We couldn't resist adding a smiling face in buttons!

Step 14: Then we baked it! On a lower setting than the cookie dough recommended, and for longer, making sure we kept an eye on it!

Step 15: All baked! And it would be rude not to add in cookie dough ice cream as well!

Step 16: The first cut!

Unlike the guys at Epic Meal Time we did not demolish this in one sitting. We split half of it between 7 of us! It was sooooo good! But also gave us all a sugar headache about 45mins later! We still went back for more though!

Not recommended if you are on a diet! Unless you have plenty of people to share it with! :-)

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