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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hell's Angel cake

UPDATE! I have now started my own cake making company! Please visit my facebook page and give it a like! :-)

This one I made for my friend's Dad's 60th birthday!

I baked 2 maderia cakes and stuck them together. Then I covered them in buttercream and then a layer of black fondant. I printed out the logo for Hell's Angels and stuck it to card. This then gave me the templates for the shapes for cutting out the white area's, and templates for the font and the picture in the middle.

I cut out each letter for the writing, pressed them into the fondant to give an impression, and then painted them with red food colouring paste. I had to make up the letters that were not in the logo!

For the picture in the middle I again pressed the template into the fondant and then painted in the colours. I left it all to dry and then did the outline work with black piped fondant.

I then made some grey piped icing to do the detail on the wings.

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