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Friday, December 14, 2012

Spotty Dog Cake

Hi cake friends!

In my last post I showed you a Dog's Head Cake which I had made for a friend, the head being a logo he had invented. This cake was for a different friend who adores dogs!

Now, normally I like to design my own cakes but my Mum gave me a brilliant book called 'Perfect Party Cakes Made Easy' by Carol Deacon, and when I saw the Spotty Dog in this book I knew I had to make it for my friend.

The only change that I really made was that I made it much bigger than the recipe in the book suggested.

Needless to say my friend loved it! And I enjoyed building up all the layers in the face to create this cute dog. It has taught me quite a lot and has definitely inspired me for future projects!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dog head cake!

Hi cake friends!

This cake was made for a friends birthday, not because they loved dogs, but because this was a logo that they had created.

I used rice krispie treats to make the the head, so that I could build up the features of the face, and covered it in chocolate icing which tasted delicious!

You may notice that the eyes were slightly wonky, but this was honestly part of the design!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bed Cake!

Hi cake friends!

This cake was for two friends who were holding a joint birthday party. The theme was 'pyjama party' so I decided to make a cake shaped like a bed!

I made a chocolate sponge cake and covered it in white sugrapaste. I then used chocolate rice krispie squares to build a frame at either end of the cake, and curly wurlys for the frame on either side.

More sugarpaste was used to make the pillows and the quilt! And I used red piped icing for the detail work. One friend loves horses, and the other does reiki massages so the symbol is a reiki symbol!

Lobster and Guitar cake!

Hi cake friends!

This was a birthday cake for two friends, one who loves playing his guitar and the other whose favourite animal is a lobster!

I made the guitar completely out of sugarpaste, and then used piped icing for the frets and strings.

The lobster's body was made from rice krispie treats and covered in sugarpaste. I used red liquorice for the legs, and more sugarpaste for the claws and eyes!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Found a few cakes in Japan!

Hi Cake Friends!

So, for the last 2 weeks I have been on holiday in Japan! I had an awesome time and would highly recommend going there on holiday yourself!

Whilst I was there I didn't get to sample that many cakes, but here are a couple that I did find!

This first one was a really cute doughnut with a cat on top!  I got this in Kyoto's Shinkyogoku shopping arcade.

And these were some amazing cupcakes from a shop called Tables, which was inside my hotel in Osaka (the Cross Hotel). They were delicious and I particularly liked the cuteness of the snowman!

Which reminds me, I am planning to make a snowman cake for Christmas! Must get on with starting it! Have you got any Christmassy cakes you are going to make?