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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Cupcakes; Zombie Cupcakes and Pumpkin Cupcakes

Happy Halloween Cake Friends!

This year I made 2 lots of cupcakes for a charity cake sale at my office.

The first are Zombie Cupcakes!

These are a chocolate cupcake with a soft caramel filling, topped with chocolate icing, sugar zombies and a cookies and cream fudge tombstone!

I was looking for a way to make edible tombstones and I found the recipe for the Cookies and Cream fudge here:

The Hungry Happenings blog is my new favourite page! So many awesome ideas there!

The next ones are my Pumpkin Cupcakes!

These are plain sponge with choc chips added, then a cookie dough frosting on top, with cookies and cream fudge pieces added, and then a sugarpaste topper!

I loved making these!

For more pictures of both sets of cupcakes please visit my facebook page:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur and Tennis Anniversary Cake!

Hi Cake Friends!

The last cake I am going to post today was an anniversary cake. The person who ordered it said that they loved Tottenham Hotspur and Tennis, so we came up with this design together!

Here is a close up of the Tottenham Crest, which I'm proud to say I did freehand!

For more pictures please visit my facebook page!

Wonky Cake - my first one!

Hi Cake Friends!

The next cake that I have to share with you is from Module 1 of my level 2 in sugarcraft. We made wonky cakes, which I had never attempted before! Here is my cake:

I loved making this cake! I wish I'd had more time to decorate it, but I needed to finish the next cake....

Graduation Hat Cake!

Hello Cake Friends!

I have been a busy bee lately, and I have some cakes to share! The first one is a graduation hat cake, which I made for a lovely young lady who has just completed a degree in Spanish and Maths!

I used a 3D sports ball cake pan to make the actual hat part. And I covered a small square cake board in black sugarpatse for the top of the hat.

I was worried that it might slip off! But I pushed it down quite hard, to make the ball a bit flatter on the top, and then used icing to stick it on and I am glad to report that it did not fall off!

I did make sure I did this at the place the party was being held, I did not dare to travel with it!

There are a few more pictures on my facebook page, so don't forget to check it out: