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Friday, August 20, 2010

Ipswich Town Football Club cake

UPDATE! I have now started my own cake making company! Please visit my facebook page and give it a like! :-)

This cake I made for my fiance for his birthday as Ipswich are his team! I actually have a couple of 'making of' pictures for this one too!

So the first thing I did was to bake 2 chocolate cakes. Then I printed out the Ipswich crest and stuck it onto cardboard and cut it out. I laid this onto the cakes so that I could cut around it to get the right shape. I knew that it would be hard to try and cut the turrets (at the top of the crest) out of cake without them breaking off, so I decided to use rice krispie treats. I could have made my own, but I just bought the bars from my local shop!

As you can see its actually better that I used these anyway as they stuck out around the sides of the cake at the top too. Here is a close up shot:

The next thing I did was cover the entire cake with buttercream so that I could put the first layer of icing down, which was red. I paid special attention to the turrets made of rice krispie cake as it was quite hard to ice around these without tearing the fondant, but it seemed to go alright. There were a few gaps so I just got extra red fondant to fill these in. After putting down the red icing I then cut out blue strips and the large blue panel which I stuck onto the top with a tiny bit of water:

To make sure these parts were the correct size and in the correct position I went back to the cardboard crest that I had and cut out the various parts, using these as the templates for cutting out the shapes in the blue fondant. I could then use the template of the crest (which now had holes in it where I had cut out the varuios pieces!) to mark the positions onto the red icing, which I did lightly with a cocktail stick. Once I had stuck the blue pieces on top you couldn't see the marks I had made. I then left the cake overnight because the fondant gets wet due to the buttercream underneath, which makes it annoying to decorate. It's much easier to let it dry.

So the next step was to add in all the details:

I used white piped icing for most of it, but I chose to do the horse out of white rolled icing. And again all I did was cut around the horse from the cardboard template and use this to cut out the white fondant and then I stuck it on top.