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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reggae Cake

UPDATE! I have now started my own cake making company! Please visit my facebook page and give it a like! :-)

This was a cake I made for my friend Emma's birthday as she is a big reggae fan!

I started by baking 3 seperate maderia cakes, one with a little red food colouring, one with yellow and one with green!

Then I covered all of the cakes in a layer or buttercream, and then put down a layer of rolled fondant. Next came some details, such as Emma's name...

As you can see the top left hand corner dropped down a bit, so I obvioulsy didn't trim the top off very level! But my friend loved it which is all I am ever worried about! I'm so annoyed with myself though because I forgot to take the camera out when I gave it to her, so I dont have a picture of the cake cut but it did look very cool with the 3 colours! (And I was worried people wouldn't want to eat green cake, but actually they all loved it!)


  1. that is an awesome cake! I am going to have to try to make a cake like that some time! :) I found it looking for reggae birthday images :)

    Empress K -