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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello Kitty Cupcakes - ハローキティのカップケーキ

UPDATE! I have now started my own cake making company! Please visit my facebook page and give it a like! :-)

My Mum has a friend who has two daughters who both love Hello Kitty. So she asked me to make some Hello Kitty Cupcakes!

The cupcakes themselves were just a plain vanilla sponge. Then I added a layer of white sugarpaste (fondant or rolled icing, whatever you prefer to call it!) as the base. I used a small petal cutter to make the ears, and used a flower cutter for the flower. The nose was a small piece of yellow sugarpaste. Then the eyes and whiskers were black piped icing!

I also made a set of matching cupcakes just with buttercream and pink sprinkles, but I forgot to take a picture of them! Silly me!!!!! (The buttercream was white because I used Trex which is a dairy free alternative to butter. It is white, not yellow, which means your buttercream comes out a lovely white colour! I found I did need to flavour it a bit more though….)

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