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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Despicable Me Minion Cake!

Hi Cake Friends!

Here is a Despicable Me minion cake!

I had such fun making this cake, which I actually made for a good friends 30th birthday. I'm afraid I don't have loads of 'making of' pictures, but I can show you how I built it up.

Firstly I baked 3, 6" round cakes. And I have a ball pan (ball cake tin) so I baked 1 half of this to give me a dome for his head. Here is a picture of the cakes stacked up, although at this stage I had not stuck any of it together with buttercream, I was just checking it was going to be the right size! I had printed off a picture of a minion and wanted the cake to be roughly the same size as my picture, because then I would have a 'blueprint' to work from.

I put this on my cake board and then used buttercream to stick all the layers together. Before I put the round dome on top I pushed 3 dowels into the cake to give it support. I then put the done on top and covered the whole thing in a crumb coat of buttercream.

The next stage was putting one layer of yellow sugarpaste over the whole thing, which did give me a bit of a heart attack as I had to roll out such a large amount and I was so scared it was going to rip!

But it was OK! Here is a picture with the first layer, and a small part of the detail started.

Then I just slowly built up all the details of the cake using my picture as guide. My friends sister (who had requested the cake) had asked for the minion to be holding a banana which is why I added in that detail.

For more pictures of the finished cake please see my facebook page: Give my page a like so you can keep up to date with everything I make!